Monday, September 26, 2011

BBQ and Birthdays

Friday night Nathan and I went on a double date, well sort-of anyway. Our friend (and my co-worker) Laikken went to Rivertowne BBQ with us. We joked around about it being a double date because I had to sit on the side of the table with Noah so Laikken and Nathan sat together. We love that place!

The love birds cheesing it up for their double date!

Me and my handsome date!
Saturday was a big game for the Arkansas Razorbacks! They played #4 ranked Alabama. Well, not to my surprise, we lost. I love the Razorbacks, but I don't love them too much to know when we are out of our league - and Alabama is just better than us. The End. We watched the first of the game and then we had to head to Russellville for a party. Nathan wasn't too happy about the party being scheduled in the middle of the Razorback game, but after how the game went, he was glad we left. I saved him alot of yelling at the tv and throwing things! :)

Whooo Pig Sooie! Isn't that Razorback adorable?!

Noah watching the game!

Noah after I told him that the Razorbacks lost! :(

We had a birthday party at the Jump Place in Russellville for me niece Eliza Nell, me nephew Christian, my sister-in-law Emily (who was too pregnant to attend), my sister Jaime, my brother-in-law Ben, and my sister-in-law Kesha! This is a crazy time for birthdays in my family! Once again, Noah had a blast at the Jump Place - he loves anywhere that he can run around. After we left there we went to Savannah's in Dardanelle to eat. After we got there we saw that Some Guy Named Robb was singing there - we felt like groupies since we saw him last week at The Journey open house! Noah loves live music, so he was perfect while we were eating - he even clapped after the songs were over. Noah's babysitter Laurie just happened to show up to eat there too - and he threw his arms up and hugged and kissed all over her and her daughter when he saw her. It made all of us feel good! :)

Noahs favorite thing at The Jump Place!

My brother Eli, his son Greyson, and Noah all wearing the Michael Jordan gear! :)

Noah LOVES Greyson, someday Greyson will love Noah too! HA!

Noah eating at Savannah's

Sunday we went to Church. Noah didn't do so well in the nursery this week. He got so upset he made himself sick. So, his number came flashing up on the screen during the service. I felt so bad for him. He just doesn't know anyone in there yet, and I know it will take time. I spoke to some people there though and we are working on a few things that may make it easier on us all. I really hope it works out because Nathan and I are liking the Church so far! We ended the weekend at the park - Nathan practiced batting for softball and Noah and I played. We had a great weekend!

Noah and Daddy matched for Church!

Noah at the park!

This boy loves being outside!

Watching Daddy hit :)

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