Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Journey

We have been wanting to go to church for a while now, we just didn't know where. I decided to just wait for a sign of where we need to go. I kept hearing about The Journey church coming to Clarksville. It came up alot and at strange times, so I decided we needed to give it a try.

It rained all day Friday and was cooler than expected, so it made our plans to go to The Journey's open house a little tricky. They had some jump houses, but we didn't let Noah do them. It was too cold and wet so we just went on a tour of the church and listened to Some Guy Named Robb sing some songs. They had some good food and the building looked awesome! I was very impressed with their church nursery! They have a video monitor of all the kids rooms out in the hall so you can check on your kid without peeking in. The videos also record, so if anything ever happens, you can watch the video. Another thing I absolutely loved was the way they paged the parent. They give each child a number and if your kid needs you they will put the number on a little monitor on the side of the stage where the service is and you can go back to them. I have never took Noah to church, and Nathan and I haven't been to church in years, so this may be common practice - but we were impressed! I really liked the church, it was so modern and fun.

Noah's 1st time to go to Church! So Handsome!

We talked it over and decided to go to our first church service as a family and give The Journey a try. I was nervous about dropping Noah off. I have never been nervous about dropping Noah off anywhere because he knew or had been around the people I was dropping him off with. But, he didn't know any of these people. I knew quite a few of the kids in his class and knew of his teachers. One of his teachers put her arms out and he went to her and started playing in the floor. So, I snuck out. All through service I kept waiting for his number to come up on the screen, but it never did. The service was good, very different from what we were used to. Very laid back. We both liked it. After the service I went and got him and he had been crying. They said he would get fussy if they didn't walk him around, but I thought he did pretty good I thought for being out of his element. We went to lunch at Kountry Kitchen and then took Noah home to nap while I went to my first basketball meeting of the year. I volunteer as a basketball coach for the Lamar Youth and it is about time to start, which I look forward too and don't all at the same time. I love the kids and games, I just hate being away from Noah on my days off. I am not gone that much and he gets to spend more time with Nathan and his grandparents this way, but it is still hard.

I am excited to give this church a try and who knows, maybe we have found where we belong!

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