Monday, September 26, 2011

LA or Bust for the Sheas!

My sister and her husband and their 2 sons are moving to Los Angeles today! It will be a big change from Arkansas, but that is where my brother-in-law will be working and they have been apart due to his job locations for awhile now so it is time for them to all finally be together. Their daughter just started college at UCA so she will still be here - yay! So, safe travels and I hope you find great happiness together in LA!

My brother-in-law Ben, working like always! Thanks for taking care of my sister and family.

My sister Jaime - have fun in the big city, you know it is where you belong! :)

My nephew Bridger - I just know you are going to find your niche in LA, I can tell. Also - those bookstores there are going to blow your mind - enjoy! 

My nephew Jaxon, the baby of the family. Enjoy the beaches and all the other cool things you are going to get to discover and be around at a young age. I am jealous :)

My beautiful niece Tori - I am glad you are staying in Arkansas! You have quite the family to represent at all our family functions! Love and miss you!

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