Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Noah's Daycare

Noah has been going to Ms. Lauries since he was 10 weeks old. He loves it there and I can tell they all love him there too! For the first year Noah was the only boy - it was him and 4 girls! Poor guy ;) Now there is a new baby boy that is 2 months old there, so he will have a good play buddy in about a year! Laurie is very good with Noah and I can tell she genuinely loves him as her own - which is important. I have never had a problem leaving him with her and he may cry a few minutes when I leave lately, but she can get him to stop pretty quick.

Ms. Laurie holding Noah
From left: Rachel, Livi, Trinity, and Catelynn

They do special projects and events there. A few weeks ago it was Fire Safety Week! Imagine my surprise when I learned my 15 month old knew how to Stop, Drop, and Roll! We took pictures of all the kids in a fire suit - so cute!

I am so glad Noah gets to go somewhere so fun and comfortable every day! Makes Mommas life easier!

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