Thursday, April 10, 2014

Noah's First T-ball Game!

Noah had his first two games this week. The weather wasn't the best for the games but hopefully we won't have any more windy cold games this year. Noah's team has only had 2 real practices (the third one cancelled due to rain) but luckily my dad has came and had several one on one practices with him. When Noah got to pick a jersey number he picked 3 because he is 3 years old :) Then he told them Ryan needed #1 because she is one - ha!

During the first game Noah kept on  scooting his feet when going to his position. I would tell him to run and he said "I'm going, I'm going" - so I just figured he was being lazy. Well, it turns out his shoes were rubbing blisters on his heels - which he didn't complain of while running bases, just when he walked. But, he does have 2 big blisters now that we found after the game - he is one tough guy! Noah needs to work on his patience with things - according to him the other team takes too long to get on the field and his team takes too long batting while he is waiting on his turn to bat :) Noah hit the ball both times he got up and made it to second base the first time before we got 5 runs so the inning was over and scored the second time - he was so proud! He played catcher, which in t-ball does not get much action, so he was pretty bored most of the game. The pitcher would throw the ball to the umpire so Noah just stood there.

All bundled up and ready to play!

On deck...

Dancing during his catching duties :)

Running back to the dugout ready to bat again - his favorite of course :)
His next game was the next night. Noah had a good game. He only got to hit once but made it to first and second, but decided to weave in and out of the kids between second and third so he got out :) He played catcher again but actually got to do a few things this time. The umpire had the pitcher throw him the ball so he got to practice catching a lot! He talked a lot to the umpire and to me - he kept running over to me for a piece of popcorn or a drink or to tell me something - I couldn't help but laugh and tell him to go back to his spot - his little mind is just all over the place while he is there. I am hoping for him to get to play out in the field some - he really likes to catch and throw the ball so I think he would do good out there.

And it rolled just over the line into fair territory!

My sweet little t-baller :)

Run Noah run!

Being the best t-ball catcher I have ever seen :)
So, now we wait to hear about our next practice time and the one on one practice with PaPa Bobby continue :) I asked Noah last night if he liked it and he said he does and it is "so fun Momma" - that is all that really matters!

Hands in - "GO TEAM!"

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