Monday, May 7, 2012

Surprise, Goodbye, & Happy Birthday!

I started my busy weekend off with a Momma Day! I went to Ft. Smith and shopped all by myself for 5 hours! It was awesome! I found Noah some cute clothes (he needed something to cover his belly, it keeps trying to creep out of the shirts he has) and me some maternity shorts. I then went to La Huerta for a surprise party for one of my oldest and dearest friends Sarah. She is turning the big 30 so we all met up and surprised her for dinner and cake! She was definitely surprised and even teared up on us a few times - which she claims has come with age :)

Sarah blowing out the candles before the fire alarm went off ;)

All the party: Justina, Lacey, Sarah, Erin, me, Jennifer, Cara, and Maria

Me and the birthday girl!

Saturday we threw my niece Tori a going away party. She is moving to Los Angeles to be with her mom and family - who moved out there last September. It was a nice little get together with some good food! I will miss you Tori - I didn't see you a lot, but it was nice having you so close and available!

Tori and I (and baby Stillwell obviously) :)

From that party we left for a birthday party in Conway for my friend Courtney's son Liam. Noah hadn't napped, and doesn't nap in the car very often, so I wasn't sure how his partying would go. When we got there we peeked in the backyard to see if that is where they were partying or if it was inside. Well, when we peeked in the backyard, Noah saw the swingset and had a meltdown when we made him go to the door! It was very embarrassing for them to open the door to the party and everyone was sitting there and Noah is literally throwing himself down and screaming to go outside. I quickly rushed him out the back door and he instantly was fine and was perfect from then on! Courtney's moms house is very childproofed so it was nice to let him roam and explore some and not have to constantly tell him no! I did learn that poor Noah is not very heat friendly. All the other kids were playing outside and they looked normal, Noah was beet red, drenched in sweat, and HOT! We also noticed that all the other kids pretty much stayed in one place and played - not Noah! He explored every inch of that yard and never stopped roaming! He had us both wore out and ready to sit in the air conditioning for sure!


Look Momma - sticks!

Cooling off in the playroom :)

Yummy Angry Bird Cupcakes!

Sunday we had another great church lesson - much needed for me - and Noah and I played in the air conditioning and cleaned house while Nathan went and served with the Church by mowing peoples yards for them. It was a nice end to a busy weekend!

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