Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend 2012

On Thursday night, Nathan informed me we would have house guests staying the night Friday night. Our house is not filthy or anything, but when you have people over you always want it to be extra clean, plus our extra bedroom was half guest room, half new baby room so it needed some cleaning up for guests so Friday I cleaned all day. I always tell Nathan that it is good to have guests over every now and then because the house gets a good over the top cleaning! HA! Our friends Cory, Ally, and their 7 month old son Boston stayed Friday night with us. Noah and Boston played some Saturday morning, but Noah is just figuring the sharing thing out. He wasn't too sure about that baby taking all his stuff, but he did pretty good.

That afternoon Nathan's mom watched Noah so I could go watch Nathan play in a softball tournament. It was so nice to sit outside and relax and watch him play and talk with the girls. It was just what I needed after my marathon cleaning and a good way to celebrate Mother's Day also.

Sunday we went to church and then had my family over to our house for Mother's Day. Our house is rather small and was built by a bachelor, so it has no formal dining area and isn't spaced out best for hosting, but I think it worked good. After all, it was already all clean, might as well put it to good use! :) We had 17 people total there and all the moms there were feeling the love, and everyone left full so I say it was a success! Noah did suffer his first red wasp sting during the party though! I felt so bad for him because I have never been stung by anything so I didn't know how he was feeling and didn't know how to make it better. Uncle Eli put some tobacco on it and he instantly stopped crying! It barely whelped up and he never showed any allergic reaction to it, so hopefully this means he isn't allergic to stings. He is one tough little guy!

Noah and Baby Stillwell got me an hour and a half massage for Mother's day and Noah painted me some art, got me a bookmark, planted me some flowers, and got me a card at daycare. It was a good Mother's day - just as I always dreamed of!

Me and Noah on Mother's Day

Love this little guy :)

Mother's Day 2012

My gifts :)

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