Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

We always have a busy Memorial Day weekend, but this year it was jam packed! We spent Friday preparing for and Saturday celebrating Noah's 2nd birthday. Then Sunday of Memorial weekend we always have our family reunion on my mom's side. Due to church and me working the church nursery, we didn't get out there until about 1:30, so most everyone was gone, but it was nice to visit with who was left there. This was also me and Nathan's 6th wedding anniversary! So, my mom came over after the reunion and stayed at our house with Noah so Nathan and I could go out. It was so nice to have him watched at our house - he loves being at home with his toys and she said he knew where everything was and was so easy to take care of there. Much easier than at her house where he wants to get into everything and doesn't have all his toys. Nathan and I went out to eat at Fuji Japanese Steakhouse and went to the movies and saw What to Expect When You Are Expecting. Our food was awesome and the movie was hilarious! Then we got to come home to our sweet boy asleep in his bed - it was the perfect end to the day!

Noah at the family reunion

On Monday, actual Memorial Day, we met family out at Lake Ludwig. We played in the sand, swam, ate pizza and cookies, and visited. Noah had never actually gotten in the lake before and he wasn't too sure about it. There were alot of people there and the waves would come in when the boats went by and some of them would knock him over and scare him. He will get used to it though. He just loved being outside. After 3 hours he kept saying "bye bye" - he had skipped nap and he was ready to go. So, we headed home and Noah took a long nap and I went grocery shopping. Once he got up we grilled hot dogs, had snocones, and went for a jeep ride. It was the perfect end to our long weekend. So thankful for those who fight for our freedom so we can enjoy times like this!

Playing in the sand

Checking out the lake for the first time

Jeep riding with Blue (in his seat too of course) :)

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