Thursday, October 27, 2011

The "Living" Room

My living room has went through quite the transformation over the past year and a half. Coincidentally, that is how old Noah is. I guess you could call it the "Toddler Renovation". Slowly but surely I find myself bringing more of Noah's stuff in the living room and taking more of our stuff out. We are a t.v. family so it is easier to do watch what we want when Noah is in the living room with us playing with his toys. So, our living room has become half play room, half living room. Our house was built by a bachelor and has no dining area - just a huge living room, so we really don't have anywhere else to put everything unless it is all in Noah's room. Not only will it not all fit in his room, but his room is upstairs and he is no where near steady enough for me to leave him around a staircase - but he is getting good at going up and down them with Momma or Daddy's help. I have been doing good at getting used to messes when having a child around - thankfully Noah loves to play "pick-up pick-up" as much as Momma does. I still cannot go to bed without all the toys being put back where they go, and I may never be able to. "There is a place for everything, and everything has a place" :)

Here are some pictures of our living room when we first moved in (Pre-Noah):

And here it is today:

Noah's recliner and play corner have been added

The baby gates are up and coffee table is gone

This doesn't look alot different until you look behind the loveseat...

More toys!

Where my pretty glass vases and candle holders used to sit :)

This is Noah's play corner - it is a lifesaver!

Well, it is alot more colorful! HA! The living room is called the living room because that is where people spend most of their time at home, living, in the living room (or at least that is why I always thought it was called that). So, our "living" is spending time with Noah and watching him play with all the many toys he is blessed to have - then there is no more perfect place than our living room.

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