Monday, October 24, 2011

Pow, Pow, Power Wheels!

I am not ready for this - Noah has a Power Wheels Jeep! He has loved to play with his cousin Eliza's pink mustang (really just the radio) for awhile now so once Papa Bobby saw him having fun, he just had to buy him one! So, my dad got him one for Christmas. Dad is an early planner so he wanted to go shopping this weekend and get one. We went to the toys store and looked at alot of them, but I only liked a few of them and the seat moved up far enough in even fewer of them. So, the winner was the Tough Talkin' Jeep. It has a radio (which is a must) and a CB with a speaker that actually works! It is really cute. They offered to put it together for us at the store for $25.00, but I thought it sounded like a good Daddy job! (Plus Nathan had to work and wasn't there, so I got to decide all by myself - I say save the $25.00!)

Daddy multi-tasking - watching the World Series and assembly

Almost Done!

Daddy teaching Noah to talk in the CB

Playing with the radio - his favorite part!

Nathan said he was going to get it out last night and put it together, and I was leary. I didn't want the parts out everywhere for days. I fed Noah dinner and gave him a bath and he had it done by the time he was out! He is awesome! He was also watching the World Series at the same time! I was impressed! Dad said to go ahead and give it to him, especially before it gets too cold. Noah loved it! He was in and out of it all night! The battery had to charge for 18 hours, so tonight I am going to put it in there and see if he can figure out how to drive it - this could be scary! :)

He had to have his buddies with him!

Just like his Daddy...

"Let's see what we got going on here"...

Thanks Papa!


  1. So cute!! As much as I don't want Parker to grow up, your posts give me so much to look forward to! :-)

  2. Thanks! He is SO much fun! I can't wait to watch Parker grow too!