Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What a Weekend!

I sucked all the fun I could out of this weekend! Poor Nathan had to work alot, so I was a single mom most of the time, but we made it work! Saturday morning Noah and I played at the house waiting for the Razorback game to come on. Nathan took a lunch break for the Razorback game and my dad came over and watched the game with us. I went to put Noah down for his nap and came back downstairs and we were losing 17 - 0! I told Nathan and my dad that if I wasn't wearing a Razorback shirt and watching the game then they will lose (superstitious much?) - and sure enough, I sat down and watched the rest of the game dressed in my cute Razorback shirt and we won! (Sorry for the loss earlier in the season, I had a previous engagement and couldn't watch the game or wear my shirt :)

After the game my dad, Noah, and I headed to Ft. Smith to do a little Christmas shopping. My brother Eli, his wife Kesha, and their 3 kids Savannah, Eliza, and Greyson went with us. We went to Toys R Us, Target, and Chuck E. Cheese! I ended up with all the kids except Greyson in my car somehow - but thanks to Mickey Mouse, it was a quiet enjoyable ride. Noah was overwhelmed by Toys R Us - there was SO much stuff he wanted to see and play with - he ran around like crazy! I was exhausted after that and it was just our first stop!

This quiet ride brought to you by Mickey Mouse :)

We went over to Target to get Noah a few more pair of jeans. He is slimming up a little so I think he will be in the 18-24 month pants awhile longer, so we needed a few more pair. I love Target! They always have such cute things - not just clothes, all sorts of things! While I was shopping there, I left Noah in the cart with Aunt Kesha to eat a snack, he was getting a little cranky (especially since I took him away from all the cool stuff at the toy store) so he needed a snack. After that, he was ready to go! It is a good thing, because Chuck E. Cheese was our next stop!

My dad got all the kids tokens and Noah and I played everything we could! At one point Noah was taking all the other kids shoes out of the shoe keeper, knocked all the tokens out of the cup scattering them across the floor, and ran up the slide with kids coming down all at the same time! It was crazy! Thankfully Uncle Eli came over to get Noah down while I gathered tokens and shoes up. All I could do was laugh, he wears me out! We finally spent all our tokens, ate some pizza, and got a prize with our tickets and hit the road! It was an exhausting but fun day!

He ate this whole piece of pizza - without me cutting it up or anything! This was a first!

He is ready to go home! :)

Every kid has to have one of these!

Sunday we had church - Noah did awesome again! I am going to attempt to leave him again next Sunday. I have high hopes that he is going to do good, we shall see! We then went to my mom's for lunch and I had a basketball meeting to go to with my dad for the teams we coach in Pottsville. Nathan was supposed to put Noah down for a nap while I was gone - well Noah had other plans for Daddy. So, I got home 2 hours later and Noah was still awake. I got him to sleep within 15 minutes after I go there - that is the best Momma feeling - you have never lived until you feel the sense of accomplishment from getting a child to nap! We had a lazy day after that - watching the World Series (Go Rangers!) and working on bids for Nathan's work. I really feel like I used all the good this weekend had to offer!

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