Monday, October 31, 2011

Noah the Movie Buff!

We took Noah to his first movie theatre movie Friday night to see Puss & Boots. It was my mom's idea and honestly Nathan and I were neither one to high on the idea, we just didn't feel he was ready. Don't get me wrong, the kid loves TV - and can sit and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for hours - literally. I just didn't know how he would do in a dark theatre having to sit in my lap or in a seat for an hour and a half. Well, he surprised me and Nathan and made it through an hour of the hour and a half movie! He was melting down because he was wanting to run up and down the aisle - that was full of people - and I wouldn't let him so he would throw himself down in the floor, where my coke was that he spilled. So, we made a graceful screaming exit. It was a good first try. We will try again when it is not opening night for the movie so it is not so packed so he can have some more space, and if he does meltdown he won't be ruining it for a bunch of people who paid to see it, just a few!  :) I can't wait to see the whole movie when it comes out on DVD because it was very cute and funny!

Noah's 1st Movie!

Noah happy as can be on the way home from the movies - watching Mickey of course :)

Sunday Nathan and I decided to go to the movies by ourselves. We saw the Footloose remake - I loved it! I love the original and it seemed to not stray to far from the original, which I also loved, so it worked for me. It had just a few modern day twists on some scenes. Nathan and I both said it made us wish we could dance - I am the worlds worst dancer, seriously. I am way to self-conscious to even attempt it honestly. (Maybe I am like Willard in the movie and I just need some training - ha!) Nathan on the other hand can dance pretty decent - not Footloose good - but good! Julian Hough is an amazing dancer though and she looks just like a young Jennifer Aniston in Footloose, the resemblance was crazy! I LOVE music movies,  not musicals necessarily, but movies based on music or dancing - like Great Balls of Fire, Ray, La Bamba, Walk the Line, and of course Dirty Dancing. The fact that the music lyrics and the way kids danced was such a big deal at the time fascinates me, especially compared to the problems in today's world.

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