Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sunday Funday!

Well, it was that time again. Church nursery time. It has become a game for us to guess what Noah is going to do each Sunday! As soon as we walked in the building, Nathan went to get some water. Noah started crying because Nathan left him. He is getting more attached to Daddy too. So, we went and found Nathan and brought him back to the nursery with us. He started crying again as soon as we got in the nursery room. We went 30 minutes early so we would have plenty of time to stay with him and get him comfortable. He just wasn't having it. A lady there said she had stayed with her son the first 3 weeks and was going to try to leave him today. It then hit me that maybe I was approaching this all wrong. Noah doesn't know any of these people or this place, so maybe he will get more used to it and get better if I stay with him the first few weeks. This may be a step back on what little progress we have made, but he is not going to let us just drop him and go any time soon, so I am willing to give it a try. I stayed with him the whole time and about half way through he got down and played by himself. I could see him check to make sure I was still there every once in a while, but he did very good. Nathan came back there once it was over and he ran to him - it was so sweet! Hopefully, we are onto a solution!

After church we went to Kountry Kitchen for a quick lunch and then home for Noah's nap. I had basketball practice for a few hours, so Nathan stayed home with Noah. They met me in Lamar once practice was over and we went to Russellville to pick a bat up that Nathan had bought. We decided to just make an afternoon out of it. We went to Colton's and ate. Noah loves eating bread and fried okra - so that is what I ordered him! He was just snacking anyway, he ate his real dinner later - please don't call DHS on me! :)

We then went to Shiloh park to play. I like this park, it is always very clean and nice. Also, Nathan used to play there when he was little and his dad played softball there - so it is neat to see him playing with Noah there now.

Look at all that fun ahead!

A nice older man asked if we wanted a picture together - he was so sweet!

We then went to Wal-Mart to get milk and look at Christmas presents. My dad is trying to get some Christmas shopping done and there were some toys he wanted us to look at. I found Noah some tiny Lion King stuffed toys, they were so cute. He loved them, he kept kissing and hugging them! We got home and realized Nathan's truck was not there - that is because he met me in Lamar. We forgot, so we just turned around and headed back to Lamar to get his truck. It was pretty funny! We ended the night watching some Sunday Night Football and eating leftovers from our early dinner - it was an all around amazing day!

Kissing his new Simba!

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