Monday, July 2, 2012

Our last peek at Baby Stillwell

Our doctor's office does a complimentary 4D ultrasound, which we are so thankful for because we would not be able to afford this opportunity otherwise! We had an awesome ultrasound tech who worked hard to get us some good good peeks at our baby. Baby Stillwell started out head down with it's feet straight up but before it was over had it's feet in front of it's face! I feel this baby move alot, so how I didn't feel a big movement for it to bring it's feet all the way down is crazy to me. I found it especially weird since my belly measures 26 weeks (2 weeks small) but the baby measures 28 weeks so it doesn't have all the room it should! Baby Stillwell measured right on track at 2 pounds 8 ounces and all it's organs looked good! Strong heartbeat of 131 beats per minute.

At this appointment I also had my glucose test (which I passed - YAY!) and had to get my Rogam shot since I am RH negative so that my blood doesn't attack the baby's blood. They also went over birth class options, sibling classes, and pain control - none of which I plan to participate in, but we shall see about the pain control.

After the appointment we all went to eat lunch and did a little baby furniture shopping. It was a good day, but got me so excited  to see my baby again. Now, lots to get done to get ready for the arrival!

The Ultrasound Gang! Laikken, me, Nathan, Donna, Mom, and Tammy

Baby Stillwell with it's foot by it's face :)

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