Monday, July 16, 2012

Baby prepping weekend!

Friday I had my 30 week baby check-up! Apparently my belly caught up from 2 weeks ago and I am now measuring right at 30 weeks! Everything looked good! I had to wait an hour and a half to see the doctor so I got bored and started texting people that I was dilated to 2 centimeters! HA! It was a disappointing joke though, either they didn't get it or were fine with it! I go back in 3 weeks, then 2 weeks, then every week until the baby comes! Yikes! That schedule inspired me to go home and finish cleaning out the baby room! It also inspired Nathan to get back to working on my closet so I can move my stuff out of the baby room closet. I learned long ago it is in my best interest not to nag about home projects getting done by Nathan - he likes to wait until it has to be done before he gets too serious about it. When I asked him why he all of a sudden started working on it again he said "I have a baby coming!" It hasn't rained at our house in over 3 months and then Nathan goes and buys sheet rock and leaves it on the trailer in the front yard while he runs to the bank and what to I hear - it pouring rain!! I had to grab towels and blankets and run out and cover it up in the pouring rain! All I could do was laugh at that point! Thankfully the blankets and towels saved the sheet rock - and my lightning fast reaction! HA! So now my closet has sheet rock walls and just needs to be finished and painted! Major progress was made in the Stillwell house!

Saturday morning we headed to look at dressers for the new baby. Furniture shopping with a 2 year old can be quite adventurous! I have about 5 crib and dresser sets I like and showed Nathan and he wasn't crazy about any of them and decided he would find a dresser he likes and I could just order a crib in a similar color. Well, not to my surprise, Mr. Picky didn't like any dressers when we went and looked. So, I gave him a week to find something or I was just going to pick one and order it because we are running out of time! I know the baby won't be in there in the beginning, but I also remember not having tons of time or energy to put a baby room together once the baby is here. So, I need it done now. Hopefully I can get it all ordered next week! Saturday night we took Noah back to Porkys - the restaurant where I gave up on ever taking Noah out to eat again. Well, I am happy to report, he did awesome! We all got to eat and no fits were thrown! I am not expecting it every time, but it makes me feel like an awesome parent when he acts right in public!

He LOVED the bunk beds!

Lunch at Chic-Fil-A!

Our church is in a series called "Journey at the Movies" right now and I love it! I absolutely love finding God's word in modern day movies! This week it was the movie Money Ball (one of our favorites) and the lesson was SO good! I saw that the next two weeks are The Help and Soul Surfer - two other movies I love! I can't wait to see what amazing lessons come out of those!

We also made a discovery this weekend - Noah loves, and I mean LOVES, spaghetti! He ate 3 helpings at dinner and still wanted "more, more!" This is also Nathan's favorite food - he is his Father's child!

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