Monday, July 9, 2012

Bigger Boy Room & Magic Mike!

Friday I finally worked on the baby's room some. I got alot cleaned out and some moved in. In doing this I also converted Noah's room into a "bigger boys" room - not a big boy room yet because he is still in his crib (where he will stay until he figures out how to escape) but set up more for a big boy! I took his rocker recliner (since he has decided he no longer likes to be rocked) and put it in the baby's room and made him a reading corner with his little recliner. I also moved his play center to his room. He loves it and we have been playing alot more in his room lately. Nathan was gone out of town Friday night so after I put Noah to bed I went back and worked more on the baby room until about midnight - gotta love that nesting energy!

Noah's play center - it has a slide on the back!

Still in the crib!

Reading area :)

View towards the door

Saturday we went to a beautiful wedding and didn't get home until almost midnight! It was nice to get away and relax with adults. My mom came over with my niece and watched Noah for us. Sunday we had a movie date after church so Nathan's mom came at watched Noah so we could do that! We are so thankful to have good grandparents always willing to help us out! We usually don't leave him that much, but it all came up in one weekend and I know I won't be doing much once the new baby gets here for awhile so I am taking the opportunities when I can.

Now for my view on the whole "Magic Mike" drama. My parents were not real protective of what I watched growing up, so I remember watching R rated movies and it not being a big deal. They taught me right from wrong, so I knew when I was watching a movie what they were doing was not necessarily right, but it is something that happens in the world. I have seen lots of people claiming it is a sin to go watch Magic Mike, it is cheating on your husband, etc. Well, that had me very curious as to what the big deal was. I saw previews and it didn't look too dirty to me and it was just rated R, so I knew it couldn't have that much bad stuff in it. I planned on going with a friend on Sunday (assuming Nathan would not be interested), then Nathan saw the preview and he loves Matthew McConaughey and said he wanted to go see it. Fine by me! So, Nathan and I ended up going. Honestly, I do not see what the big deal was at all! Yes, it was a story about a stripper, but as far as nudity went - they danced fully clothed 95% of the time and in spandex shorts (no less than a bathing suit) the rest and very few thong shots! The dancing was so cool! They used lots of props and it was just the same as those "Step it Up" dance movies - just choreographed routines. There were sex scenes (once again, nothing shown) and drug use - but I have watched several action movies with worse than that in them and didn't get accused of being a bad wife or a sinner. In the very beginning of the movie, there were naked breasts and a butt shot, so I was worried it was going to be like that the whole time (which could get uncomfortable after awhile), but it wasn't. I feel it was a tastefully shot portrayal of someones struggles they had starting their own business (this business being a furniture business, not a strip club). Not everyones lives were easy to get where they are - doesn't make it right or any less of a sin, but it is a good reminder to see people struggle. It is good to see that they can overcome obstacles and make something out of themself. I think sheltering everyone and taking a blind eye to this sort of thing is wrong. Be exposed - that way you can be thankful for what you have.  Now, I am still a big believer of "to each their own" so I am not telling anyone to go watch this movie - just don't judge those who do and try to push your views on them - especially if you haven't seen it yourself. It may just be the inspiration a lost soul needs.

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