Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dear Baby Stillwell:

A few weeks before I had Noah I decided to write a letter to him just in case something happened to me during delivery so that he/she would have something from me. I just went over some of my wishes and goals for them and who all is there to help them in their life. I obviously made it though that delivery fine and I put the letter in Noah's baby book so he can read it once he is older - or, Heaven forbid, something happen to me later, he will still have something from me to him.

I decided to do the same thing for baby #2. I used alot of the same things from Noah's letter and added some new different feelings. I am not sharing it all (in the real letter I go through certain special family members and friends too), but here are some excerpts from my new baby's letter:

First off, please know that I prayed for you. I wanted God to create you for me so badly. Your father and I have always had trouble conceiving children, and it took some work. But, we never gave up and God blessed us with miracles! I loved carrying you in my belly and having you move around constantly. It is just a daily reminder of God’s love. In your life I wish that you know God – go to church, be a Christian. It will be hard and not always possible, but God forgives – always. Please know that. Finish high school, with good grades. Don’t wrap yourself up with a significant other the entire time you are in school. It is ok to be in love and a long term relationship (your dad and I started dating at 16) – but don’t lose your friends and your alone time. Go to college if you want to. It is not mandatory and lots of people do great without it and it is not for everyone. But, a college degree can help you in life and it is something no one can ever take away from you. Remember to say thank you for everything you get in life – even the smallest things. Being a grateful person is important. Cut loose in life, don’t take everything so seriously. Dance and sing when you feel like it – you don’t need a reason. Make time for the fun things in life – don’t be scared to try something new and don’t be scared to not be great at it. Take pride in what you do and make it worth doing in the first place.
You are blessed with a lot of family! They will all be great in helping to raise you, but there are a few people in life that I know will take extra good care of you. First is your Dad. He is an amazing man and would do anything for you or Noah. He literally saved my life when he entered my life in 1998. He came along at a time that I needed him the most and he didn’t even know it. There are so many things that I want you to get from your Dad. He has a great way of always making me laugh. He will just randomly dance around, sing, say crazy things – he keeps life interesting! He will make sure you are taken care of always. He can be a little overprotective in certain areas, and then let you have too much room in others – but that is how he is and you just need to love him for that. Your dad is not the most patient person in the world, and he may get better at that with age and experience. So, give him a break and try not to push him. You all three will need eachother so be there for eachother. Make the effort to stay close.

Your big brother Noah is awesome! He is only a little over two years old when I am writing this, but I already have a vision/prediction of how he will be. He is going to get on your nerves and I am sure you two will fight, but he is going to fight for you just as hard. He and I developed a close bond and he is so sweet and trusting if you bond with him. I know it will be hard to love him sometimes and you two will fight, but please stay close. Be there for eachother and help eachother through life.

Just know that if I am no longer on this earth with you – I am always watching over you,  Noah, and your dad. I will do my best to guide you from heaven. Be great. Do what makes you happy. Be kind to animals. Don’t get a credit card unless it is absolutely necessary. Just because your job isn’t your dream job, doesn’t mean it doesn’t pay the bills until the dream job comes along. Make life long friends and be there for them. Try new things. Don’t worrying about not being good at everything. Pray. Trust and be someone who can be trusted. Try not to gossip – too much anyway. Know that the right song can help you when nothing else seems to be able too. Be accountable for your actions. If you make a mistake, own up to it. Always show respect where respect is due. Don’t bully. Know that words hurt – sometimes more than actions. Stand up for what you believe in. Be kind.

I highly encourage all moms (and dads) to do this whether they have already had their kids or not. This is something I would love to have from my parents - especially if they had not been able to be around. At some point it may be all the child has left of the parent.

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