Wednesday, August 8, 2012

34 Weeks!

This is my last week to not go to the doctor! I will go every week after this until I have a baby! EEEEEEK! That is very exciting! Things are falling into place and other than needing to get a few things out of storage or from the store, we are ready! (Ready as we will ever be anyway).

*  I have gained around 24 pounds (it goes between 23 and 25 daily). I am still 10 pounds less than my total weight gain with Noah - so we shall see how much more I pack on!

* I am looking pretty pregnant and silly in anything I wear lately. My belly goes straight out so much that it makes all my shirts hang funny! It is crazy how different your belly can be from one pregnancy to the next.

* I am over honey buns! I am finishing off the box I have of course - we can't be wasteful now can we?!  I am still loving watermelon and green seedless grapes! I ate an entire bag in one day! I have read that your body craves what it needs. I am glad I am craving so much healthy stuff, even if it is strange to me! I want cheerios all the time - I had two bowls for dinner the other night. Nathan sent me a text asking what was for dinner and when I replied that I had Cheerios he said "seriously?" - HA! The baby wants what it wants!

* The baby is still moving around alot. I want to say it is horizontal in my belly alot, but it may just be stretching it's legs out to each side - but my belly will get pushed out both ways at once - it is crazy! My doctor said it should run out of room to move so much by 36 weeks and be in position - lets just hope that is head down! I am not wanting a c-section for many reasons! (Cost - we have to pay cash and that doubles the cost, recovery time - once you have had a regular quick delivery with easy recovery you don't want to experience the other, and surgery scares me - I have never had surgery on anything other than getting my wisdom teeth out! I will for sure do it if I have to, but it is not my first choice at all!

* I have not had any swelling in the last 2 weeks! (Knock on wood!) Hopefully I won't get any or at least not much until I am ready to deliver.

* I had my 33 week appointment last Friday. I got to hear that sweet heartbeat again and measured right on track. I told my doctor about the hip pain I had been having and he pushed around on my hip and said the baby is sitting so low that it is popping my hip bone up and in - ouch! He recommended a hip band to push it back in or the cheaper option, an ace bandage wrapped tightly around my hip joints under my clothing. (I have been wearing an ace bandage since and it has actually helped alot). I told him I already feel alot of pressure and he said "welcome to your second baby" - ha! He also verified that the burning/raw feeling on the inside of my stomach is my muscles tearing. Man, this paragraph makes pregnancy sound lovely, right? It really isn't that bad - you have to expect some uncomfortable things when you have a human being growing in your belly. I am tough and can handle it - I just had to make sure that none of these were signs of anything else.

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