Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Stillwell 3 Weekend

Friday night we decided to go out to eat - we have been trying to do this a little more lately since Noah is being more cooperative and we won't be able to as easily once the new baby gets here. We went to a restaurant we go to often, and love, and ended up leaving and going somewhere else. They have a special seating area near a soda fountain (an old time looking ice cream parlor) with televisions (always on cartoons). So, we usually sit there with Noah because he likes all the lights, quarter games, and to watch cartoons. That part of the restaurant was empty - so even though the line of people waiting to be seated was long, I told the host that we wanted to sit in there, thinking maybe the people waiting were in parties too large to fit in the booths, preferred tables, or preferred to sit in the dining area. Well, some of the people waiting heard me tell him that and threw a fit because they had been waiting and they would have sit there if they had known that was an option! So, the host told us we would have to wait until everyone else was seated before he could seat us in there even though the seats were empty! Noah starts screaming "eat, eat!" and crying - so I told him we couldn't wait that long and we left. I was trying to be nice about it, but that was just a little much. So, we went to a little BBQ place and had the whole restaurant to ourselves! It was nice and the food was good. From there we had to run to Wal-Mart so I could get a neutral colored crib sheet and mattress pad for the new baby - I am gathering things up here and there :)

Saturday was a cleaning lazy day for us. I vacuumed all the floors and stairs and got the carseat, swing, and baby clothes out and put away. I even washed the carseat and swing covers too - I had some nesting energy going on! The rest of the day and after Church on Sunday was spent playing with Noah. I am trying to get some good quality time in with him before the baby gets here. We built towers with legos, played with potato heads, played trains, and watched movies (Footloose was on and he danced and danced to it and insisted I join him! Thank God for mini-blinds!) - it was awesome! I told him that I hoped he always will want to come play with me and he just looked at me and laughed and fell over - I will take that as a maybe :) Sunday night Dada took him for a ride on the dozer to help him straighten up the driveway - he loves it! I love watching them together on there - just something about a father and son spending time like that that is amazing to watch. We had a good last weekend as the Stillwell 3 - not many of those left!

He is all about building towers now!

My two loves :)

He is having no fun at all - can't you tell?

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