Monday, August 20, 2012

While Dada's Away...

Momma and Noah will play! This weekend Nathan went on a weekend trip to the White River. Since I am almost due to have our baby, I decided against a eight hour round trip and I wouldn't have been able to canoe. I told Nathan I will need him close by for the next few months so to go and have a good time and relax. So, Nathan went to enjoy himself and I enjoyed some one on one time with Noah.  I am really trying to spend lots of extra quality time with Noah before the baby gets here for both our sakes. I really want to enjoy him as my first child and as having an only child and I want him to enjoy it too.

We had a weekend full of watching movies, playing with trains, coloring giant boxes, building towers, playing at the park, happy meals, riding bikes, breakfast for dinner (one of Noah's favorites), chalkboards, and "working" on Noah's truck and backhoe! It was so much fun! Thankfully the weather was nice and I felt great so I was able to keep up with him. He is getting funnier and more grown up by the day. He is repeating everything I say now - it is crazy to have actual conversations with him now! I am going to try my hardest to still keep going and doing alot with him once the new baby is here - one of my biggest fears is him missing out (or me missing out on getting to see) on getting to see and do things he enjoys.

We were so glad to see Dada home on Sunday! We had a great Momma and Noah weekend but we always want Dada around!

Look momma - the slide!

He is getting so brave at the playground now!

Loving having a flat yard to play in!

Cheesing on every base!

Put me in coach!

My future t-baller!

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