Thursday, August 16, 2012

Maternity Pictures

I love pictures! It is my thing. They are so fun to take and look at later - just having those memories is awesome to me. I was excited when my dad got me a baby photography plan for my birthday with Ann Price Photography (we love her) - so that covers 5 sessions for our new baby. The first one was the maternity session. I have literally been writing down and searching for ideas of what I wanted for the look of these pictures. Our photographer had an awesome location that we decided on months ago - outdoors with a barn and pretty scenery. So, I worked on poses and putting together good outfits for it. I love how they all turned out! I must admit, I was a little worried about them when I left. Noah was acting like a 2 year old and was much more interested in being outside than sitting still for pictures. So, we had to nix alot of the pictures I wanted with him. I spent alot of time trying to get him to participate, so it got darker faster than I was ready for it too! But, as always, Ann surprised me with some amazing shots that I was sure were impossible with the chaos and lighting! I was sad to think this may be our last time to take maternity pictures. We want one more, but we are getting older and our house cannot hold another child after this one, so we would need to move (which we talk about anyway) but I want to be done having babies in the next 3 years or so. So, hopefully it is not our last time, but if it is, I am very happy with how these memories were captured. Here are a few of my favorites (it was hard to pick):

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