Thursday, August 9, 2012

Baby Stillwell's Nursery

I love picking out baby furniture! I love it because so far, knock on wood, I know exactly what I am looking for and can find it. I am not real picky - I like dark wood and certain styles, but for the most part I am easy to please. My husband on the other hand - very picky! I blame his grandparents who owned a furniture store (that he worked at growing up) for this! He can find a flaw in most every piece of furniture I showed him! Finally, after shopping online for months and going to every store I could find, I had to give him a deadline. I told him he had a week to find something he liked or I was just ordering what I liked. This was a Saturday. He said he would only need until Tuesday! HA! The full week past and he said he forgot about it - he is such a procrastinator! Well, time was ticking so I just went for it.

Well, I went online to order the set I had decided on and the dresser was indefinitely back ordered! (I then sent a text to Nathan telling him "crib gone :(" to which he replied "what crib? - see my frustration here? What crib? Seriously? I am 8 months pregnant!). I decided to call and see if they could tell me what my options were since the one I wanted was not available in the set I wanted (which I had actually decided on because it was the July specially priced set and the crib was free!). Well, they were very nice and offered to give me a discount on a different set since the one I wanted was no longer available and it was on sale! So, I ended up with the set I really wanted for not much more than the one I was originally going to order!

A week later and me guiding a delivery man by phone on every turn to our house and my furniture was here! I immediately opened it and started putting it together! I was hoping maybe the dressers were assembled and just needed a few things added - wrong! Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, was pre-assembled. I had to put drawer glides on, put drawers together, make shelves, everything! It really went by fast though. I put the changing table together all by myself, and Nathan helped me some with the dresser and bed. I figured the changer would be the easiest and the bed hardest, but I was wrong! The bed only took 30 minutes where the changer took me about 2 hours! I was so excited to get it all put together and arranged (which of course took some negotiating between Nathan and I - God is funny like that) :)

We painted the room orange when we moved in and I still love the color. It goes really good with the rug! My mom bought me this rug when I moved into my first apartment to cover up the green shag carpet! Who would have guessed it would make such a cute nursery rug later! I think the furniture color goes so good with the rug and the walls! I love how it turned out! Now, all that is left is to get the newborn tub of clothes out and in the drawers and we will be ready for baby!

Me putting drawers together

Nathan gladly helping out :)

Noah loves baby's new bed!
View as you walk in the door

Left wall - changing table (the mat will be added)

Back wall - rocker and bookshelf

Right wall - dresser and bed
The crib - I love the headboard!

The rest of the right wall and closet - Noah knows his old toys are in there and
has to drag them out every time we are in there!

Here is a video tour of the nursery I made for my co-workers :)

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