Wednesday, August 22, 2012

36 Weeks - the final stretch!

I am going to the doctor weekly now. I went last Friday and had the lovely Group B Strep test done and got to visit with Nurse Buchanan (my favorite nurse at Millard-Henry and she retired and just happened to be there helping out that day and did my appointment!). She wanted to make sure we had a carseat and were registered at the hospital - both done. She let me hear the babys heartbeat - 152 bpm and it is head down and ready to go! Now for the highlights:
*  I have gained around 28 pounds. I am still 7 pounds less than my total weight gain with Noah, but catching up fast!

* I have had the "flesh belt" in a few of my "I am not leaving the house" outfits - my bottoms and tops seem to need to be reintroduced :) Thankfully I think I can make it the rest of the way with what maternity clothes I have - I am really getting tired of the same old outfits though. I am used to my wider selection of my regular clothes.
* I am still craving cheerios but this week I have wanted mini chocolate donuts (by wanted, I mean I ate an entire package all by myself over the weekend). I am still not much on steaks, but other than that I don't have any aversions.
* I was so glad the baby was head down this week. The nurse asked if I had alot of kicks in the upper part of my belly and she pointed right where it kicks all the time! They told me if the baby doesn't kick at least 10 times in 4 hours to go to the ER - I am pretty sure this baby kicks more than 10 times every half hour!
* I did have a little swelling last week - just puffy ankles that went away the next day. I really thought I would be way more swollen this pregnancy because of the heat, but thankfully not!
* Thankfully the ace bandage helped with my hip and then the baby adjusted so it took pressure off my hip bone and now it is just general pressure - which is way more manageable.

* I started having contractions off and on last week, which is normal. I am hoping the baby holds off until September though - I want to make sure it's lungs are fully developed and he/she is ready to be here and another selfish reason - I like Septembers birthstone better than Augusts - HA!

Looking pretty close to the same now!

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