Wednesday, July 11, 2012

30 Weeks! How is that possible?!

To be in the week 30's is crazy! I didn' make it to 40 weeks with Noah, so I imagine I won't this time either (but you never know) so it won't be too much longer and our second miracle will be here! Only a single digit number of weeks left! Now for some highlights:

* I am all about gaining some weight now - thankfully mostly in the belly! I have gained around 15 pounds - give or take. I am about 5 pounds less than I was with Noah at this stage, but you can't tell that from looking at the pictures!

* I want to wear dresses everyday - they are the most comfortable. My maternity shorts even feel to small by the end of the day! That may have to do with the honey bun cravings though! :)

* I am still loving those honey buns, but I also am craving watermelon, cheese dip and chips, and bananas cut up in my cereal. The fruit cravings even out the honey buns right? I am very thirsty all the time and I don't want water. That is what I usually get anyway and I end up drinking it like I am about to die! It is crazy!

* At my ultrasound the baby was head down, but it moves so much and so constantly I have no clue what position it is in now. It moves both sides of my belly at the same time, then it will go top to bottom! I just hope it gets in position to head out before it runs out of room to move!

* I am working on the baby's room every chance I get! It was a little overwhelming at first, then I got a wall cleaned off and some shelves out and it really helped me see it is not that bad. We plan to order baby furniture at the end of the month - if we can agree on any that is! Sometimes I wonder if God is sitting there laughing when he watches us try to agree on things like furniture - it rarely happens!

* I have noticed a little bit of ankle swelling some days, usually the hotter ones that I was doing a lot of running around in. I am hoping it hold off until after our maternity pictures at least - but it is summer in Arkansas so that is a lot of hoping!

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