Wednesday, July 25, 2012

32 Weeks!

8 MONTHS!! WOW! I was reading my What to Expect When You are Expecting and it said "with just a little over a month to go..." - and it took me by surprise! We have no furniture (I finally had to just go over Nathan's head and order something - he is too picky and is taking too long), no diapers, and don't have our newborn clothes or carseat out of storage and washed! I completely cleaned the baby room out and moved several things in there - nesting gives you extra muscles and strength sometimes so I really got alot done in a few days time. So, now I just wait to get the furniture in and hopefully it isn't damaged and I can get it all put together before labor starts!

* I am all about gaining some weight now - thankfully mostly in the belly! I have gained around 20 pounds - give or take. I am 15 pounds shy of my total weight gain with Noah so I am anxious to see how much I pack on at the end!
* I limit myself to two dresses a week so I don't look like that weird lady that wears dresses every day. On all other days, anything else elastic waist goes though!
* I am slowing down on the honey bun cravings, but I am still loving watermelon. I am craving lots of fruit all the time now - I even had cantaloupe for dinner the other night. I am very thirsty all the time - I literally have something to drink with me at all times and it is never the same thing - sprite, caffeine free coke, water, juice, milk - I crave different drinks all day long!
* The baby is still moving around alot, but I think we are head down again! I get alot of feet movement up towards my sternum, so I am hoping he/she stays that way and is ready to "head out" at delivery! :)
* The swelling has not increased and is still very minimal, which surprises me since it is so hot and dry so there is not alot of relief. It may be partly because I haven't gained as much weight at this point as I had with Noah, so I am not ruling out some major swelling yet.

* I have been getting alot more uncomfortable lately. I try to sleep on my left side (since that is what is recommended for the baby) but occasionally I switch to my right side some. I have my pregnancy pillow and other pillows shoved all around me to make me comfortable, but I still wake up several times a night and it hurts my back pretty bad to turn over. Thank God for hot showers in the morning to make my back feel better after sleeping all night. I get back and tailbone pain throughout the day some and these weird burning pains to the left and right of my belly button daily now. It is all very bearable and so worth it, I am a pretty tough gal :)

I think the belly size is evening out, I am just carrying lower this time.

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