Thursday, July 5, 2012

Swim Lessons!

This is Noah's second year in swim lessons and I just knew he would love it. Well, yet another reminder that I don't actually know everything! :) He was good for half of the lessons, the other half he was really acting like a 2 year-old!  His last day seemed to be his best, he just is very head strong sometimes (which will be a blessing in his life someday, just not so much right now) that it made it difficult to get him to do what he was supposed to be doing. Thankfully we had two great instructors that were very patient with him and didn't expect him to do too much but gave him lots of praise when he did do things right. Noah was the second to youngest in the class, and I figured he would be. I just really want to get him as much exposure to the water as possible to help him be comfortable with it and hopefully help him learn to be a good swimmer.

The class worked alot of floating on his back and belly, blowing bubbles in the water, learning to go under (which he was awesome at!), reaching with his arms while kicking his legs (he loved this part - he yelled "reach" everytime he swung his arm, it was adorable), jumping in, and life jackets. We learned not to let him jump in because once I set him out, he was not coming back in the water! He literally would go get his towel out of the bag and wait on me! One time he took off for the deep end and acted like he was going to jump in and about scared me into labor - the stinker! He would lay back and float on his back and look at the "oon" (aka: moon) and he would hug me and float on his belly saying "momma" over and over - it was so sweet. His favorite thing was to "reach" and go get the balls and put them in the buckets on the edge of the pool and he loved going under on Ring Around the Rosie.

All and all I think it was a good experience and I cannot wait to see how different he is next year - hopefully for the better!

He loved going under!

Floating on his belly

Floating on his back

Ring around the Rosie

"Reaching" for the balls

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  1. Just as beautiful as life is supposed to be at this age! Enjoy!