Monday, July 2, 2012

Water and Parties!

Well, since there is no water falling from the sky we had to find some to play in to stay cool! So, Friday my dad took me, Noah, my brother Eli, and his kids Savannah, Eliza, and Greyson to the Alma Water Park. I had never been and thought it sounded like something Noah would really like. Well, he sort-of did. It was just like the park, he would rather run around and play then swim. We had plans of staying about 3-4 hours, but a little over an hour of being there we were headed home. He liked the little wading pool and did the small slide a few times, but really didn't care for the splash part. He wanted to go down the big slides really bad, but Momma wasn't about to let him do that. Too high, too much water, and I couldn't go with him. Not happening this trip. We ran into my friend Shawn and his son Jack there too - we love seeing them and rarely get to so that was a nice surprise. We headed home to a nice air conditioned 3 hours nap :)

Noah playing with Shawn

Noah and Jack in the splash area

Noah and Papa Bobby

Saturday Noah had a birthday party for 2 of his friends from daycare. Thankfully it was indoors. It was such a cute Island themed party. My camera was still in the beach bag from the water park so I didn't get any pictures, but Noah had a blast! They had the same bounce house Noah had at his party and he did not want to get out of it! At his party, he could have cared less! Toddlers! Anyway, Nathan was watching him bounce while Baby Stillwell and I enjoyed a cupcake and he called me over to the bouncehouse. He wanted me to witness our bully! Noah was tackling anyone that came near him and squealing and laughing the whole time! He was even doing this to 6 year olds and girls! They would hit him and he would just laugh and tackle them again! We could not stop laughing! Not sure if that was the appropriate parenting response or not, but it was so funny to see! We left the party tired and ready for another air conditioned 3 hour nap!

Sunday we had church and then a party at my mom's for me, my cousin, and my brother's birthday and we celebrated Father's Day now that everyone was back in town. My mom put 29 candles on the cake because no one in our family ages past 29 if you ask ;) From there we were home and got Noah's pool out for some cooling off time. He got a giftcard for his birthday so he got this wading pool to put beside his splash pool. He wanted me to sing Ring Around The Rosie over and over so he could "fall down" in the water. It was really cute.

29 again ;)

Everyone singing to us :)

Look what I got!

Filling it up!

Ring around the rosie, pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes, ...

We all fall down!
Another great weekend full of family and memories!

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