Wednesday, June 27, 2012

28 Weeks!

7 Months! How is that even possible? It is exciting to think about at times, and at times it scares me because I don't feel ready and want a little more time with Noah first. Ready or not, Baby Stillwell will be here in 12 weeks or less! Now for some highlights:

* I am all about gaining some weight now - thankfully mostly in the belly! I have gained around 11 pounds - give or take. I gained 35 pounds with Noah so I am either really going to start packing it on in the next few weeks or not gain as much this time - we shall see!
* I have had a few days where the thought of putting on anything but athletic pants seemed uncomfortable and I just wore them to work - maybe no one will know that I am not in yoga? :) I am mainly just sporting maternity shorts (which all seem to run shorter than my regular shorts and I am not loving that, but they are comfortable at least), athletic capris, and dresses.
* My biggest craving I had with Noah is back with this baby - honey buns with white icing - not glazed, white icing! It is also a bonus because no one else I know likes them so I don't have to worry about anyone eating them!

* The baby actually woke me up moving around in my belly this week! I thought something jumped on my belly and then I felt and the baby completely turning around! It felt like an earthquake in my belly! This baby is constantly moving now and I love it!
* My nesting is so strong right now! Poor Nathan - little things he does like leaving some clothes lying around seem so big right now! I am trying to do a little cleaning each night and alot on my Fridays off while Noah is at the sitter. But, as always when nesting - it never seems like enough. I love the strong desire to clean though, next to feeling the baby move, this is my favorite thing about pregnancy!
* Still no swelling! This week the temperatures have been really hot too and I have been doing alot - constantly moving until bedtime! So far so good!

I still seem to be carrying lower and further "out" with this one!

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