Monday, June 11, 2012

Noah is on a boat!

Noah took his first boat ride this weekend! Nathan was supposed to play softball so it was just going to be a lazy day at home for Noah and I, and then he said - get dressed - we are going to the lake! YAY! So, we were off to meet Nathan's brother Brandon!

Noah is not much on the lake right now. I am not sure if it is the color of the water, the distractions of all the stuff outside, the waves or what, but he would rather just run around and play or play in the sand than the water. He tubed with Daddy - that was a little scary. He just looked so little out there and the water looked so big! We didn't go fast enough that there was any threat of them getting thrown off, but Nathan's foot got hung once and they slid off the front - Noah was not happy! That was the end of his tubing for the day! Nathan tubed a little and Brandon skied a little - but they both were not feeling as young as they used to - so that didn't last long. :) We went to the beach and let Noah play a little bit, but of course he just wanted to run. Nathan and Brandon tricked him into getting in the water by giving him rocks and slowly moving away from the shore as they did and they got him out pretty far for him. He still wasn't loving it - oh well, he gets that from me, I am more of a pool girl! I like to see what it in my water and know it is animal free and salt free! Maybe he will grow out of it - or maybe not, I really don't care either way - he and I can just enjoy our pool time together :)

Ready to join daddy, or so he thinks :)

Noah is not so sure about this!

He liked it for about 3 minutes and he was over it! :)

Daddy liked it better!

Momma and Noah enjoying Noah's first boat ride!

Uncle Brandon showing Noah the water isn't scary :)

Where Noah preferred to play!

Uncle Brandon and Daddy tricking Noah into going out in the water :)

Noah helping drive us back to the dock!

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