Tuesday, June 5, 2012

24 Weeks - Hello 3rd Trimester!

I could not believe when I was doing the math on how far along I was that I am entering the 3rd tri-mester already! It kind of panicked me a little, I am not ready for 3rd tri-mester yet! So, that got my lists started of what all I need to get done and by what time I would like it done by. Here are my pregnancy highlights so far:

* I am still holding steady at about 6 pounds gained so far. I felt big at 4 months and 5 months, but at 6 months I feel small.
* I am wearing maternity clothes pretty normally now. I gave up the belly band and pretty much wear elastic waist, maternity shorts, or dresses. Dresses are always something I wanted to wear, but felt silly. Now I am loving them - they are so comfortable and belly friendly!
* My current cravings are regular milk (seriously I drink 1/2 - 3/4 of a gallon a day), cheeseburgers, salads, grapes, and chips and cheese dip. I also want sweets, but then don't feel so good after I eat them - crazy cravings!
* The baby moves very regular around meal times and as soon as I lay down at bedtime - my favorite part of pregnancy ever!
* I got to hear the heartbeat at 23 weeks and they scheduled me for my 4d ultrasound and glucose test at the end of the month!

* Thankfully, so far I am experiencing no swelling due to the heat or being on my feet - so I am hoping to get lucky and not have that again (I read it is possible anyway).  I do have occasional back pain if I am cleaning or on my feet for too long, but it goes away after some rest.

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