Monday, June 25, 2012

A swell no swell weekend!

Some will think this is crazy, some silly, and some may identify with me. This Saturday was the first time I ever took a solo trip to Ft. Smith with Noah! I have not ever not gone when I needed to, it just always so happened that he wasn't with me when I went. I had to have my wedding rings inspected before the end of June so I HAD to go Saturday, it was my last chance before the end of the month. I wasn't that worried about it, but I did have a moment where I thought - it is hot out side and I am 7 months pregnant and taking a two year old an hour from home with no help - but, people do it all the time I am sure. Also, Noah has been such a good kid lately (not to jinx him) but he has been listening and not throwing fits and being so sweet - we are definetely not experiencing any terrible twos yet. I have always heard 3 is worse, so maybe he will hold off until then, or forever ;)

We went to Toys R Us first to spend his birthday money from my dad. He got a backhoe and a baseball tee with a bat and ball! If that doesn't sound like little Nathan, I don't know what does! From there we went to the mall and got my rings inspected and went to the maternity store to look at dresses for a wedding we have coming up. None of my wedding clothes are really belly friendly :) Noah stayed in his stroller and was perfect the whole time! We made a return to a sporting goods store and then went to Chic-Fil-A for lunch after that. He played in the playground while I ate and then he ate on our way home! It all went so perfectly! I really cherish the alone time I have with Noah because I know in a few months there will be a new baby here and his world, and mine, will change. Also, shopping trips won't be as easy with 2 kids for awhile, so it was a nice memory to make.

Sunday I decided that after church and nap time we were going to get Noah's pool and water table out and play in the yard. While Noah was napping we were put on alert to possibly evacuate because of a fire near our home! It was pretty scary! I located everything I would want to take and waited. Thankfully, they got it under control before it got to us. So, we drug out the pool and water table and Noah and I stayed out in the yard and played for 3 hours straight! It was so fun and he was so good! (Minus scratching Meme Donna's car with a rock - sorry again Meme!) The only thing that made him want to go in was he got hungry and that boy likes to eat! I timed it and our yard in mostly shaded about 6:00 p.m. so I will be dragging that stuff back out some more this summer around that time!

After all of the running around and heat this weekend I did not swell at all! I am hoping that it a sign that this baby will be nicer to my ankles - we shall see! This week we are supposed to get all the way to 106 degrees! Ouch! Hopefully rain and not so scorching temperatures are in our future!

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