Thursday, June 21, 2012

29 Again!

I said it last year, that was the last time my age was going to change. So this year on my birthday I really like to think I am just 29 again :) I didn't think anything about turning 30 until about a week or so before my birthday and it all of a sudden just seemed so much older than my twenties. I know all the "you should be thankful for every day" and all that - of course I am. Every day God wakes me up and I am thankful for that. That doesn't mean I am not allowed to like my current numerical age. I don't feel 30 or look 30 (so I have been told) so that is good. Part of my problem is all of the things I had planned out to have done before I was 30 - and I don't have alot of them done yet. But, we plan and God laughs. My life is a big knee slapper to him right about now :)

Anyway, on to the actual big day! Since most of my close family was out of town, we will be celebrating my birthday later along with Father's Day. I had to work, but got to eat a yummy lunch at Sweet Treats (my favorite lunch spot) and they even put a candle in my dessert! When I got back from lunch, my co-workers had decorated my office with balloons and streamers! I love it! I love surprises like that - in my opinion, it shows people care and are thinking about you :) That night I had swim lessons with Noah and he fell asleep early after that (a little gift of his own to me) and I went and got my favorite pizza at Pizza Pro and watched my DVR. It was a nice lazy night.

I recently read on a blog where she is about to turn 40 and wants to make a list of 40 things before she turns 40. I think I am going to attempt the same thing. I am not sure that I can come up with 40 things, but we will see. I will be posting a special 40 Things blog later after I sit down and write some up.

I was being silly as Laikken counted to 3 to take my picture - she took it on 2 - ha!

My office door :)

My office decoration surprise!

My desk decorated :) I love it!

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