Wednesday, June 13, 2012

26 Weeks

I am feeling great still. I still have high energy and no complications that I know of. 14 (or less) short weeks until Baby Stillwell. Here are the highlights:

* I am gaining more steadily now - around 8 pounds gained so far. I still feel small - it is so weird to feel big for how far along I was to now small. I am not complaining though! It is summer and I don't need to lug around any unnecessary fat!

* I am in the full maternity clothes swing now! I went through my drawers last night and found a few shorts that were bigger on me that I can still button under the belly.  Mostly I am just in elastic waist, maternity shorts, or dresses - still loving dresses.

* I had to give up some of my milk cravings - it was making my belly hurt. I figured that out through the process of elimination so I enjoy my big glass in the morning and that is it for the day! My current cravings  are mexican food, blt's, salads, grapes, and chips and cheese dip. I am still craving sweets pretty regularly too. I have noticed that I am not as hungry as I used to be though, I don't remember that happening with Noah!

* The baby is still moving very regular around meal times and as soon as I lay down at bedtime. You can see my belly moving too - it is awesome!

* I am now officially nesting! I sit at work and think of things I am dying to do once I get home! The baby room not being set up is starting to get to me - I foresee that happening soon!

* Even after walking around Six Flags and cleaning house I am still not swelling - still praying I skip out on that for the most part!

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