Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Well, this years Father's Day wasn't our traditional celebration. With most of my family out of state we decided to wait and do our Father's Day celebrating once they got back. It was too hard to plan it all with most everyone gone. So, Nathan, Noah and I went to church and then had lunch and then Nathan's mom came over to watch Noah while Nathan and I went out. We went to Fayetteville to get Nathan some new clothes for Father's Day and to go out to eat for my Birthday (which is Tuesday, but we won't have a chance to do anything on the actual day) and a concert - he got me tickets to my favorite singer, Gavin DeGraw, as my birthday present!

Honestly, I tried to sell the tickets this last week. When we ordered them 4 months ago we didn't realize the concert was on Fathers Day so I felt bad for taking over Nathan's holiday with my birthday (which happens alot since I was born on Father's Day) and I didn't want to ask anyone to give up celebrating with their Dad's to watch Noah so we could go. Plus, I kept telling Nathan we were getting signs not to go - but he insisted. He said if the tickets didn't sell by Thursday, we were going! Well, luckily they didn't sell and Nathan's mom was happy to watch Noah so we were able to go!

I am actually glad it all worked out - the concert was awesome! It was outside under a huge tent called The AMP where they hold concerts in the summer and the weather was perfect! It was not too hot and there was a nice breeze blowing. We were on the 18th row which was perfect for Baby Stillwell! It wasn't too loud or crowded. Baby Stillwell either liked the music and was dancing or hated the music and was trying to hide his/her ears - but he/she moved a ton during the concert! We got home really late and it was so nice to have Noah fed, bathed, and asleep and I could go in and tell him goodnight after a nice night out!

Nathan said he had a good Father's Day - he insists that he likes Gavin's music too, and I am not sure if he is lying or not, but either way that makes him a good husband! Noah and I made him a picture and framed it. It turned out very cute - but it was pretty hard work! Noah did NOT want to pose with the DAD letters to spell Dad! I literally pulled out every trick and bribe I could think of to get the shots I got! I have a ton of him crying or throwing the letters - but the gift turned out picture perfect! I hope everyone had a great Father's Day and I can't wait to celebrate it with my Dad once my family gets home!

Ready for the concert!

Gavin DeGraw!

Awesome show every time!

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