Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Why do you have to be so mean"

Taylor Swift won Entertainer of the Year last night on the CMA's. I wasn't able to watch the awards show, but I read about it online and through peoples status updates on Facebook. I couldn't believe so many people were hating on Taylor Swift's win. I have never understood being so mean to someone publicly like that, people are harsh. She may not be everyones favorite, but she is talented - at least talented in the entertainment category. I have never been able to see one of her shows but I do not know anyone who has went and came back disappointed. Young girls love her and for once there is nothing wrong with the popular role model the girls like. I won't name names of other celebrity women girls like that I do not agree with, but  there are some out there that scare me! I just have to say - way to go Taylor - and to those hating on her "why do you have to be so mean"! :)

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Speaking of being mean - I have to say my son is doing amazing at Church nursery now! I do wait until he is distracted to leave and he cries a minute or two once he realizes I am gone, but he is staying and playing and being a big boy. I felt so mean by leaving him screaming every week, so I am glad he is finally adjusting. The nursery worker two weeks ago even took pictures of him playing and smiling to show me how good he was while I was gone - that was so relieving! That took alot of patience for momma and Noah, and the Church staff too! We all worked together and so far so good! Noah has been going to his sitter since he was 10 weeks old and he still cries when I leave him. His sitter and I decided to just have me hand him to her when I leave and him tell me bye so he can get used to me leaving every day and know that I am coming back. He now cries and tells me "bye bye" at the same time - it is the saddest thing you have ever seen! He knows I have to go, but he is still sad about it. This gives me mixed emotions - I am obviously sad for him, but at the same time I cannot help but be happy that he loves me that much! He is not always going to want me around like that, so I am going to enjoy it while it lasts.

My big boy going up stairs to get ready for Church!

Daddy and Noah coloring - I just threw this picture in because it was cute :)

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