Wednesday, November 2, 2011


When I was pregnant with Noah we chose not to find out the gender of the baby but we wanted to know if any hair was showing on the ultrasound because we wanted to get some bows in case it was a girl if it looked like she would have hair. The ultrasound tech told us he/she had no hair at our last ultrasound 2 months before I had him. When Noah was born, he had a head full of dark hair! So, either he sprouted some up at the end of my pregnancy or it was hard to see on the ultrasound, but either way, it was there. I LOVE his hair. It is so hard to imagine him without hair. Noah has been getting his hair cut every month since he was 5 months old. I let it go as long as I could and Nathan was not ready still to get it cut. He had it long in the back and it was in his eyes and over his ears. My mom had given all of us kids and grandkids our first haircuts so I knew she would want to cut Noah's too. Cutting an infants hair is hard to do! I ended up having to nurse Noah through half of his first haircut - that would have been awkward at the salon!

Noah's 1st haircut at about 5 1/2 months

Watching Mickey Mouse on my phone to try to stay awake for it :)

Another later haircut - about 8 months old.

His beautiful hair is a blessing and a curse! Every month it has gotten more and more difficult to cut his hair. He is growing more and more independent and curious as to what is going on and my mom and I were both scared he was going to get hurt with the sharp scissors out and him moving around so much. So, Nathan and I started throwing around the idea of shaving his head. Not shaving it bald, but using a long guard. We had several opinions given on the topic. They ranged from "do it" to "oh no, his hair will look terrible that way". Well, we decided to just do it and see what happened. It is just hair after all and it will grow back!

Noah stood on the bathroom counter and let Nathan cut it. I gave him some of his bathtub crayons and let him color on the mirror with him to distract him. Towards the end Noah wanted me to hold him, so we finished with me holding him, but it seemed to go so much smoother than cutting it with scissors. I think it turned out very cute and he looks so much older now! Until Noah is old enough to sit still and understand what is going on, we will probably stick with the razor!

After the haircut and bath - so cute!

Such a big boy!

Noah likes his new big boy hair!

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