Monday, November 7, 2011

Freezing Football!

Every year we go to a Razorback game with our friends Sarah and Shawn. Last year Nathan went with Shawn but I had to sit it out - I was nursing Noah and couldn't quite manage being away from him or a pump for that long. So, I was SO excited to get to go with them again this year!

It was very windy already!
We got up there early so we went to the mall to do a little shopping. We are having family pictures taken next week so I needed to find a shirt to wear. I am bad at stepping outside of my boring fashion box so I was glad Sarah was there to help convince me a little that some of the things I liked I may just be able to pull off after all! I love seeing certain styles on other people but I just feel ridiculous when I put them on - for example: leather boots with skinny jeans or a shirt with a belt over it. I have convinced myself I am just not that cool! :) I did end up finding some cute things that I hope turns out good on camera.

Wow Shawn, is that a Coach purse?!

Nathan making sure that this is a kodak moment!

Shawn and Sarah all bundled up and ready to go!

We then went to Grub's Downtown to eat and then Sarah and I walked over to Target next door to do a little more shopping, then we headed to the game. It took us a little bit to get to the parking lot we had a pass for - those dang one way roads and closed roads had us all backwards to how we needed to go. We headed to make the long walk up the hill. Shawn and Sarah went ahead while we stopped to talk to some friends. Then, Nathan and I hit the free stuff jackpot! There was a little area by the basketball arena that had free sausage jambalaya with fries, free Coke, free Razorback Duck Tape, free stuffed Duck Tape Duck, and free coozies! Then Nathan played a bean bag toss game and won a free cloth to clean his car with! It was awesome! We have a little friendly competition with our friends Shawn and Sarah to see who knows more people when we go places - the Stillwells won this one for sure! I think we ended up seeing around 10 people we knew at the restaurant and the game.

Nathan playing bean bag toss

Nathan's prize for winning at bean bag toss!

All the freebies we got!
We made it up to our seats just in time to get a hot chocolate before the game started. Sarah and I didn't stand up much - once we got warm we didn't want to release our body heat so I watched alot of the game on the big screen. The Razorbacks ended up with the win, but it was too close for my comfort at one point. The walk back to the car helped warm us all back up! I am glad we got to go with good friends - sorry Sarah for picking such a cold game :) Next year we can go to one of the first games - promise!

Nathan trying to find some of our friends.

My view of alot of the game - at least I was warm!

Best hot chocolate ever!

Sunset at the game - so pretty!

Shawn and I trying to stay warm!

Sarah and her corn dog :)

Me walking back to the car and possibly ready to rob a bank :)

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