Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An Oldie But a Goodie

I recently found this on my computer. I barely remember writing this years ago. So many of these things remain true today - those that don't I have highlighted. It is crazy how much and little can change in 5 years or more.

~ Jessie Is ~

For those of you who want to know:
~ Jessie is secretly addicted to shopping ~ Jessie will never let anyone but the steering wheel hear her really sing ~ Jessie wishes she looked good in sunglasses and hats ~ Jessie lives through the TV shows she watches because something is missing in her life ~ Jessie wants a tattoo but doesn’t know that she will get up the courage to get it ~ Jessie loves Jerry Lee Lewis and thinks he and his music are nothing short of amazing ~ Jessie has her funeral all planned out ~ Jessie is scared to die ~ Jessie owns more DVDs than she will ever watch ~ Jessie can’t ever remember her parents married ~ Jessie believes in ghosts ~ Jessie thinks of Billy Jack every time she hears “Sweet Home Alabama” ~ Jessie is scared she will never be a mother ~ Jessie wants to make a permanent mark in this crazy world ~ Jessie wants to rescue every stray cat and dog she sees ~ Jessie is glad she barely remembers high school ~ Jessie wishes she liked to read ~ Jessie finally quit biting her nails after 24 years ~ Jessie finds it hard to remember a time that Nathan wasn’t in her life ~ Jessie says “what were they thinking” almost every day ~ Jessie wishes she could have known her Grandpa George ~ Jessie wishes she could get along with certain people in her life that are not going anywhere ~ Jessie’s dream job is to plan weddings ~ Jessie wishes she was as artistic as her sister Jaime, free spirited as her brother Eli, and a social butterfly like her brother Jeremy ~ Jessie loves coaching girls basketball and hopes she can be even half as great of a coach as her dad is someday ~ Jessie hopes to someday be as giving and selfless as her mother ~ Jessie really believes that if she works hard she will get what she dreams of ~ Jessie is so glad she has had such great friends in her life and hopes she was good to them in return ~ Jessie truly feels her life has been changed by Gavin DeGraw’s music ~ Jessie wants to live in Colorado but could never live that far away from her family ~ Jessie doesn’t really understand politics all that well but she will always vote ~ Jessie knows that even though she doesn’t know a lot about politics she still wishes Bill Clinton could be president again ~ Jessie can remember what people we were wearing at events 4 years ago but she can’t remember to take out the trash ~ Jessie prays every time she sees an ambulance, hitchhiker, or homeless person ~ Jessie is sure to include the service men and women in her prayers every night ~ Jessie doesn’t go to church but she knows her and God are good ~ Jessie has anxiety attacks if she has to ride or drive in icy or snowy weather ~ Jessie has cried at least once during every episode of Grey’s Anatomy ~ Jessie is a sucker for rugged men ~ Jessie is deathly allergic to poison ivy ~ Jessie wakes up some days craving peanut butter and jelly on honey wheat bread ~ Jessie really wishes the paparazzi would just back off sometimes and leave the celebrities alone ~ Jessie really doesn’t care to hear anymore about Britney Spears or Lindsey Lohan ~ Jessie will be debt free someday ~ Jessie can’t wait to build her Cherry Grove dream home ~ Jessie enjoys being alone sometimes as much as being surrounded by people ~ Jessie loves the memory of dancing with her dad when she was little to Great Balls of Fire ~ Jessie will never forget the phone call telling her that her dad had a heart attack ~ Jessie will never forget the smell and sounds of Sparks hospital ~ Jessie believes that she is planning and God is laughing ~ Jessie is truly grateful for all she has ~

Here are the updates:

I now have a tattoo  - me and my mom went together and got them for her 60th birthday (That will get it's own separate blog) -

I am now a mother -

I go to church now -

I still want to build my dream home but I don't know that it will be on Cherry Grove Road anymore - Nathan has decided that 12 acres isn't enough - he wants more like 40! What am I going to do with him?! :)

I am glad I wrote all this down and I may just have to write another one, someday...

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