Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Life Happens...

Nathan and I have went on a fall dive through the mountains to look at the changing leaves every year for about 10 years now. Nathan has been working weekends lately and it snuck up on me this year and we had to do a quick mini-trip. It was better than nothing, but I hope we can go back on a full drive next year. We have a "spot" that we always go to, so we just went there. Since we had such a dry summer the leaves were not as pretty as they have been in the past but there were still some pretty ones to see.

Our "Spot"

As we drove around I thought about how this is my favorite time of year. So many good things have happened in my life during the fall. This is when Nathan and I started dating in school, when we bought our house, and when I found out I was pregnant with Noah. I also love the cold. I am not a fan of summer and hot weather at all! You can put on enough layers to get warm in the cold, but if it is hot, you can only take off so much and there you are naked and still hot! I know that kids get sick more often in the winter so my whole take on liking fall and winter may change over the next few years, but I will still personally prefer it.


A view off of our deck at home

One of my favorite sayings is "Life Happens". Life happened this year so that we didn't get to take our full fall drive. Life happened in the past few years to bless us with a home and a child. Life is funny like that...

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