Monday, November 21, 2011

Noah Atlee Stillwell is One and a Half!

I am not sure how this is possible, but Noah is one and a half! I swear we were just having his first birthday party last week!  Time has not stopped flying since the day I saw those two pink lines and I am not liking it. It seemed like it to so long to get pregnant, and has just sped by since then. So Noah, here are some highlights of what you are up to these days:

 * You weigh about 30 pounds - it fluctuates with how much you eat. Some days you will eat everything in sight, and other days I have to distract you and feed you to get a good meal in.

* You are 33 inches tall! You are almost to my waist and not even 2 years old yet!

 * You wear 24 month or 2T clothes. Some 18 month jeans still fit, but some are not gut friendly. :)

* Still in size 4 diapers and size 5 night diapers. We have played around with potty training some and you are not scared of the toilet. We will start attempting it a little more to see if you shows interest now, but I think we will have to wait until you talk more to understand what is going on.

* You LOVE Mickey Mouse. You have the longest attention span for it and will watch it anytime anywhere. It has been a lifesaver in the car, you will now watch it making traveling alot easier.

* You are adjusting to Momma leaving you places better now. I have left you with a sitter since you were 10 weeks old, but you got to the age where you didn't want me to leave you and that was rough. There are still tears when I leave you most of the time, but you are getting so much better.

* You love being outside and beg to go outside whether it is raining, snowing, or whatever. When I take you outside you just want to run and point at things and have me tell you what they are. You are very curious.

* You will eat anything. You have not shown to not like any food yet. You insist on feeding yourself and that was very messy at first, but it is getting better. You usually eat ham, popcorn chicken, or meat sticks for dinner, vegetable and fruit. You drink mostly water with a little juice in it and a little milk a day.

* You love to color/draw and play with shape sorters. You can go down your slide in the living room by yourself and do it all the time.

* You LOVE bath time and I usually have to drain the water out and bribe you out of the tub.

* You were blessed with a head full of hair and get haircuts about once a month. We now shave your head and it works much better!

* You go to bed and put yourself to sleep like a big boy around 9:00 and sleep until around 8:00 the next morning! On our days off I will let you wake me up and then I can get up and shower and get ready while you play in your crib - you are very good to play alone.

You have changed our lives so much and we are so grateful God chose us for your parents. We cannot wait to watch you grow and learn each day. You will be 2 before we know it - better start party planning! ;)

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