Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mid-Life Crisis :)

"Jess, if I ever get a 72' Nova I will  never want another car again". I have heard this over and over again for the last 13 years. Nathan loves to drag race and work on cars. We used to go to Centerville Dragway every weekend when we first started dating. Then other things needed our attention and money and our trips there slowly got more few and far between. It really got to where it was too expensive to compete so it wasn't fun anymore.

I got this picture sent to my phone last week with the caption "My New Ride":

I didn't figure he was serious so I didn't really talk to him about it. A few days later he said he couldn't believe I wasn't throwing a fit about him getting that car. Apparently he was serious. The reason I would throw a fit it because Nathan is the hobby king - he has alot of things he likes to do and not enough time to do it. After Noah was born he cut back on pretty much all of them except softball. He said he didn't want to miss out on spending time with Noah so he would cut back on the hobbies. I was glad because taking care of a newborn all the time can be exhausting and I was coaching basketball too so I needed his help. Above all of that, I didn't want him to miss seeing Noah grow (they change so much in the beginning) and if he was doing all of his hobbies then he would have.

He said he hoped to have Noah help him with this car and it could be something they could do together - and I totally know he was just trying to sell me on this because Noah is only one year old and could care less about this. Then I remembered him saying several times over the last few years how much he wanted that exact car and this one was very nice, especially for the price. It was the "deal of the century" as Nathan would say. So, I just asked him to not put it before the time he spend with Noah and I and supported him.

Nathan turns 30 this month so he says it is a birthday present for himself - I told him it was a mid-life crisis present! :) I really don't think he is going through a mid-life crisis, but at the same time I cannot believe we are both about to be 30 and this car kind of reminds me of our younger days and I like those memories. Also, to see Nathan's face as he talks about him and Noah working on it is priceless - there are memories to be made there. If he is happy I am happy, and vice versa - and for now, he is happy.

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