Monday, November 28, 2011

Bad Blogger! Bad!

I have been a bad blogger! I had such a busy week last week that I was unable to get it all out and posted in a blog. So, let's catch up!

I am helping to run the Lamar Youth Athletics Basketball and also helping coach 6 of the teams - yes, I am crazy. We had our first games last weekend and hosted Pottsville. I made out the schedule for all 16 games and figured out real quick that my schedule was terrible. We started late due to a late referee showing up and it just went downhill from there. We ended up being a game behind before it was all over with, but I learned my lesson and scheduled this weekends games with more time cushion. But, other than the times not working, everything else went great! Lamar won almost every game - it was a good day to be a Warrior!

After I was in the gym all morning I came home and Nathan, Noah, and I went to "Deer Camp". We always go visit a friend from Texas when he comes into town to his and his brothers cabin. It has gotten trickier with Noah. Noah wasn't exactly deer camp friendly - fire, dark, cold, etc. doesn't work well with a one year old. I was so busy chasing Noah around that I got no pictures :( So, Noah and I went home to relax and left Daddy to play with his friends :)

Sunday our church did it's first Baptisms and it was awesome! 10 people were baptized and they all had amazing stories to share. Noah just kept hugging my neck when I went to drop him off at the nursery, it was so sad. I have had good luck with just telling him that Momma is going bye bye and I will be back and he does start crying, but he will go to the nursery worker and he stops in a few minutes. He is getting so much better every week.

30 years ago last Wednesday God created my soulmate! I am so grateful that he did. Without him, I would be lost. He is an amazing husband and father and does whatever he can to make me and Noah happy. Happy 30th Birthday Nathan - you are awesome and stuff!

Yes, that is a Mickey Mouse cake! Nathan didn't care what it had on it and told me to just get this one so Noah could have the toy on it! See, like I said, always trying to make us happy!

Blowing out the candles, we had to convert to number candles due to the fire hazard! ;)
 Next was the holidays, and boy does it ever deserve its own post...

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