Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weekend Recap...

Friday was 11/11/11 - a date I will only see once in my lifetime. It was also Veteran's Day! A big thank you to all the veteran's out there protecting our country and freedom! Without it I wouldn't be able to do all my daily things I take for granted. I am so thankful for the brave soldiers who risk their lives each day for us. Also, a big thank you to the families who sacrifice time with their loved ones to be able to go and serve our country. They should not go without notice.

With my basketball season in full swing I had practice games against my brothers teams Friday night and Saturday morning. So, that meant it was father son bonding time for Nathan and Noah. Friday I came home from practice to Noah playing on a new tractor toy that Nathan had got him. I told him that he was spoiling him and he just smiles - he is such a sucker for Noah. Noah is not even at the age he cares what he gets, but it is so fun to get him things. A definite perk of parenting!

Daddy and his boy :)

Saturday I left both boys lounging around watching cartoons. I ended up having to go to work after practice so I didn't get home until around 1:00. To my surprise Nathan had Noah fed and napping! This may not sound surprising, but the last time I left Nathan to get Noah to take a nap he was still awake when I got home 3 hours later. Daddy had been defeated! It was so nice to be able to sit and eat my lunch and clean house instead of having to feed Noah and get him down for a nap like I was planning! Noah got up and helped me with the laundry  - he puts it in the dryer for me and closes the dryer door, goes upstairs to help me put it away, and then he gets to ride (with momma slowly guiding) the laundry basket down the stairs! Then it was time to watch the Razorbacks get a big win over Tennessee! We realized that night that Noah had never left the house all day - those days are rare but awesome. Sometimes they are just needed - a good lazy day!

Apparently the food was good - his forehead even wanted some!

Sunday we went to Church. We are really loving The Journey. It just feels right and the lessons are very good. We laugh and learn something every Sunday! Noah did awesome again in the Church nursery again! I watched him after I left and he cried less than a minute and he was done. He is such an awesome kid - thank you God! I decided it was time for me to help out in the nursery so starting in December I will be helping in Noah's class. He is a pretty independent player in there now so I will be able to help out with the other kids and it will be good to get Noah used to seeing me with other kids (besides his cousins) in case Nathan and I are ever blessed with another child. The rest of Sunday was spent cleaning. Nathan and I cleaned alot while Noah napped. Then I got things ready for our family pictures the next day - which turned out awesome! [More on those later :)] It was also Nathan's moms birthday so she and Nathan's dad came over and Noah gave her a gift. I had him carry her gift bag to her and he stopped halfway to her and took the tissues out and ran and threw them away - that is mommas boy! Clean freak! ;)

Watching Mickey Mouse with Papaw Chuck

It was a good busy family weekend - which are always a blessing to enjoy.

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