Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dinosaur "Exhibit"

6 months ago I went to the Rhea Lana summer sale and was going through the DVDs to see if there was anything Noah might like. I came across a movie called "Dinosaurs" and decided it was worth $3. That was the beginning of Noah's obsession. He watched the movie 3 times in a row when we got home and has been all about dinosaurs ever since. We have since added the Land Before Time movies, Dinosaur Train, and Dino Dan to our dinosaur movie rotation. He knows SO much about dinosaurs and will tell you all about it if you are wrong - just ask the lady at Hobby Lobby who called his dinosaur a dragon - he insisted on finding a dragon to show her what a dragon was and kept LOUDLY saying "why did she call this dinosaur a dragon?" She thanked him for correcting her :)

When we were on the way to the zoo 2 weeks ago I saw a billboard for a dinosaur exhibit at the Mid-America Science museum and knew I HAD to take Noah! I got online and dinosaurs were only going to be on display until September 2nd - and we already had plans last weekend - so I had one day to plan it and took it! Thankfully Nathan was able to make the trip with me. I was psyching myself up in my head to take them alone if I had to because I knew Noah would love it so much I didn't want him to miss it - thankfully, I didn't have to me super mom though and Nathan came too. About half way there Noah started crying and grabbing his throat and said his belly hurt - I remembered that sign, he was getting nauseous. The road was windy and Nathan was taking the corners fast so it was making both Noah and I sick. Nathan slowed down some and he felt better (I didn't) and then he felt sick again so we pulled over. We both felt better after just a few minutes, but I took over driving. Driving always helps my car sickness and I made sure to go slow enough to not make Noah sick.

We were looking for somewhere to eat when we got to Hot Springs and Nathan just said "pull in wherever you want to eat". Well, I was trying to hurry since we were a little behind schedule and saw "The Purple Cow" and it looked like an old time diner - sounded fun. Well, I was wrong. It took forever to get our food - which wasn't going over well with Ryan (she was done with her lunch and wanting out of the high chair before I even got my food), they forgot Noah's food altogether so Nathan and I had our food and Noah had nothing - which wasn't going over well with Noah, then when they brought Noah's burger out, the bun had green furry mold on the side of it and we sent it back and it came back out with the same meat and cheese (only they added a new piece of cheese on top of the old one), my chicken sandwich was tasteless and full of fatty pieces I couldn't chew. So, I just took the kids to the car while Nathan finished his burger (which was ok according to him) and waited.

We finally made it over to museum about 1:30 and I was worried we wouldn't have enough time to see everything we needed to see before they closed at 5:00. So, we get started and find the dinosaur exhibit. Noah's face when he saw them was priceless. He just stared with his mouth open. Then he started talking to them - "hi t-rex, hi triceratops". There were kids screaming in there scared of them and Noah was totally fine and going right up to them. There were only 5 big robotic dinosaurs and one skeleton one. That was it. Nathan and I just looked at each other like "we just drove two and a half hours for that". We were literally done in 5 minutes. But, Noah was excited and loved it, so technically that it all that matters, even if momma and dada are disappointed with the exhibit. They had lots of other cool things to do at the museum, but we had to divide and conquer those. Ryan was beyond ready for a bottle and a nap - like even holding her and walking her around wasn't cutting it, she was just over it. So, we did what we could and then had to leave. It was 3:00 - we should have went to a better restaurant :) Thankfully Nathan told me to pick anywhere to eat on the way home - and I picked Dixie Cafe - you can't go wrong with Dixie Cafe! It was wonderful and the kids were wonderful and it ended our little family day perfectly!

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