Friday, September 13, 2013

A year ago...

A year ago today, I got up and packed my hospital bags in the car for the 4th day in a row, just in case I needed to leave work for the hospital. Felt a little funny all day, but figured it was in my head. I got home and took Noah outside to ride his bike around the yard. Then Nathan got home and we decided to go for a jeep ride to see if the baby may want to make an appearance after that. We took a long bumpy ride and I didn't feel any different, just still a little weird. (little did I know until tomorrow, how dangerous this was for me) We all went to bed early. We had a feeling something might be going on with the baby that night.

A year ago tomorrow at 5:23 a.m. I woke up to my water breaking! We loaded the car up real quick, dragged poor Noah out of bed and dropped him off at the sitters at 6:15 a.m. and headed for the hospital!

A year ago tomorrow I heard the words "prolapsed cord", "emergency c-section" and "stillborn".

A year ago tomorrow with tears in my eyes I looked into my husbands eyes and he told me "It's a girl"!

A year ago tomorrow I heard a doctor say "wow, look how good this baby looks to be a prolapsed baby".

A year ago tomorrow I heard my doctor talking to a nurse during my c-section and said "look at this, velamentous cord insertion, that is crazy". (I later learned this was a very serious condition that I should have been on bed rest from week 25 on for - definitely not riding in a jeep the night before)

A year ago tomorrow I heard the pediatrician say she had never seen a baby look so healthy after having a prolapsed cord!

A year ago tomorrow God saved Ryan.

Thank you God! I can't wait to see what the many more todays, tomorrows, and years hold for us!

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