Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ryan Turned One in a Flash!

What more appropriate theme for Ryan that One in a Flash - since I take pictures of her almost daily we had plenty of pictures to decorate with. I LOVED how the decorations turned out. Nathan, Laikken, and I went down the night before after the kids went to sleep and decorated for a few hours so we wouldn't have as much to do on party day. We filled up all the balloons with helium (by "we" I mean Nathan) and when I went back 10 hours later they were all on the ground - lesson learned on that one! I went with pink and gray as the color scheme. I made banners with scrapbook paper and put her picture on them, made a banner that said One in a Flash, one with RMS (Ryan Maelynn Stillwell) on them, and we had several other pictures in frames all over the room. We did a gray chevron cake with a pink top layer to take off for Ryan to smash and pink "1" cupcakes and cupcakes with cameras on top.

I made a cheeseball in the shape of a 1, cheese dip, vegetable cups, and we also had tortilla spinwheels, chips and pretzels and drinks. There was more people there than I had planned on (which is an awesome surprise to have) so there wasn't as much food as I would have liked there to have been - but it happens. Ryan got lots of good girl gifts :) She has been happily playing with Noah's leftovers for a while now, but I was glad to get her some girl toys to play with. Of course, Noah plays with them just as much as she does.

Here are some photo highlights from the photographer that we hired for the party - Tootsie Toes Photography:

Our sad balloons - the kids didn't mind though :)

Singing Happy Birthday :)

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Ryan! You truly did turn One in a Flash!

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