Friday, September 20, 2013

This week...

Well, here it is Friday and I realized I haven't blogged all week! Well, this week has been...well...uh...challenging.  Sunday was Ryan's birthday party (that will get it's own blog post once I get the pictures back from the photographer) and I was going non-stop all day. I noticed at the party that Noah was coughing - but he was running around a lot, so I thought maybe he was just hot. A few kids at his daycare had bronchitis last week and I was really hoping we had avoided it. I finally sat down for the first time that night about 9:30 p.m. and heard a lot of coughing coming from Noah's room - not a good sign.

Monday afternoon we got a call that the building I work in (which is for sale) was going to be shown the next day!  Well, let's just say it wasn't exactly "show ready" - so, we had to drop what we were doing and start prepping it - and I was the only employee without a prior commitment that afternoon so it left me there to try to do what I could by myself and I had appointments to prepare for the next day.

Then Tuesday morning Ryan woke up with a slight fever and coughing. I headed to work to finish cleaning and we all came together and got the office looking amazing just in time for the showing. This is where the craziness began - it was almost as if it could go wrong it did. Then the babysitter text me that Noah was running a fever and coughing pretty bad. I already had a doctor's appointment scheduled on Wednesday for Ryan's 1 year check up, but I could quickly tell this was going to turn into a sick appointment instead of a check-up. Noah forgot to lift the lid before using the bathroom at home - that was lovely. Ryan pooped the bathtub (which honestly happens a few times a week right now). Needless to say, I was tired of cleaning poop at that point. Noah knocked Ryan's glass food jar off the table and it shattered everywhere and splattered spaghetti all over me and the floor. Then, 40 minutes after I fall asleep, Nathan comes busting in the bedroom thinking he is going to die because he was stung by a scorpion. He then left the light on while he finished getting ready for bed. 30 minutes later, Noah coughed until he puked in his bed. So, I had to get up and change his sheets and clean up a few things that were in the line of fire. Thankfully, he didn't get it on himself, so he sat in the floor with his eyes closed - then when I put him back in bed he said "tanks momma, I love you" :) Then 2 hours later Noah is screaming again because his night light went off - which he knows how to turn back on - I guess he was just too tired/sick to remember that.

I got up and was SO tired after my up and down night, but I had to get the kids to the doctor by 8:30 and I really wanted to hurry up and get them medicine. So, we went in for Ryan's 1 year check-up, but they said she was too sick for her well check-up and Noah got checked out too - they both got diagnosed with bronchitis - so shocked! So, we were off to pick up our 4 prescriptions and head home. When we got home, Noah decided he wanted some milk. So, he goes to get it out of the refrigerator and shelf falls out and the half gallon jog of whiskey fall out and busts all over the ground. Thankfully, it missed Noah's foot - but there was glass and whiskey everywhere! Ryan was ready for lunch and a nap - but I couldn't leave the mess. So, I had to put her in her highchair and try to keep her happy while cleaning the mess up. This clean-up required soaking it up and picking up all the glass. Vacuuming all the kitchen and hallway and then mopping it all. Finally got Ryan in bed and went to sort through my clothes and my rolling closet in my bedroom had fell over and took all the clothes down with it. Noah then decided to pee in my kitchen floor - another mopping for the kitchen floor! (my kitchen floors are either really clean or really dirty - you be the judge) Ryan finally woke up from her 5 hour nap and then coughed until she threw up her milk - I am not sure how milk spoils so fast and stinks like that, but she stunk. Then the cat decided to pee in my laundry basket instead of the litter box. Of course I couldn't catch the cat while chasing it around the house to beat it.

As I am taking this picture Noah is standing behind me and says "it looks like a river to me" :/

Thankfully Thursday was much better. We all took a little work break for some retail therapy - love those work shopping trips! But, I realized after I got home that I was overcharged for 2 things, so back to the store I will be going. But, other than that minor detail - it was a much less eventful day.

For all the craziness I had this week - I remained amazingly calm (I have been praying for patience and to remain calm with the kids - thank you God!). I will admit, I missed the whiskey a few times, but I survived.  Hopefully, this weekend and next week will be uneventful leaving me more time to blog and not be cleaning up broken glass or poop. Have a great weekend!

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