Thursday, September 5, 2013

Daddy's Girl

What is it about a Daddy and his little girl? What is it about a little girl and her Daddy? I never considered myself a Momma or Daddy's girl, so I don't know from personal experience. Noah is definitely a Momma's boy and I always assumed it was because he was with me more. We bonded early on with lots of one on one time together. I am the only one who ever got up with him in the night, he never stayed a night away from home until he was over 1, nursed him until he was one, and kept him at work with me until he was 10 weeks old. I assumed Ryan would be a Momma's girl too - for all the same reasons above - she only got to stay with me until she was 6 weeks old and she still hasn't stayed a night away from us. But, she isn't. Don't get me wrong, she loves her Momma, but I am not her only main love. This girl LOVES her Daddy. She will hear him come home and start smiling and look for him when she hears his voice. She will scoot to wherever he is and put her arms up and look at him and smile. She will squirm out of my arms and into the floor and scoot to him from across the room.

Nathan works very hard for us and does not get to spend much time with us - especially through the week. His business has been very busy since Ryan was born - so he may have even had less bonding time with Ryan than he did Noah and that has not phased this girls love for her Daddy in the slightest. She said Dada before Momma (opposite of Noah) and will go to him from me and not look back (Noah NEVER did this). Noah will proudly proclaim he is a Momma's boy (which I am totally for until he gets older - that would be awkward in Junior high). Noah loves his Daddy and always wants to know where he is if he isn't home and can't wait for him to get home - then as soon as he gets there he tells him to "go bye bye, yeave Dada" and they are wrestling in the floor 5 minutes later! They just have a different kind of relationship than Noah and I have. I guess the same is true with Ryan. Lately she has to be on my hip all the time. No matter what is going on or what cool toys I drag out - she scoots right behind me crying - so I pick her up of course. She lays her head on my shoulder and surprises me with open mouth kisses and just melts my heart. Then her Daddy gets home and when she willingly leaves me for him (I am not going to lie) it hurts me a little. I have never had a kid do that before so this is new - she is supposed to love me more :) I carried her for 9 months and had my stomach cut open and have put in all the hard work! But, that also makes it more special that she loves her Daddy that much - he just is who he is and she loves him - the connection is just there.

Ryan loving her Daddy so much is helpful too. Noah only wants me to get him in and out of the car, to get him out of the bath, and to help him with most things. With Ryan on my hip , this can be difficult. Noah was not a fan of going to Nathan at Ryan's age, but I can pass Ryan off to Nathan no problem and she is totally fine. It is a win win! Noah is getting better about Daddy helping him with things and most stuff he wants to "do by myself" - little mister independent :)

So thankful to have a man that my little girl loves so much!

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