Saturday, September 28, 2013

The pit...

I have a pit in my stomach and I am having trouble sleeping. Why you ask? Because I am going on vacation!! Why would this cause me to have a pit in my stomach and trouble sleeping you ask - because two thirds of my heart is not coming with me. I have never left Ryan overnight and I have left Noah less than 5 times. I have no doubt in my mind that they are going to be perfectly fine with our moms watching them. I know they are going to miss us - Noah will show it more than Ryan, but they will make it through. I have been prepping Noah for a month now and he was fine until the last few times we have talked about it and he now says "I don't want you to yeave Momma, I want you with me". I keep making it a happy time instead of sad and tell him how much fun he is going to have with his grandmas. Ryan is sensing it too, she kept hugging me and playing with my hair yesterday - which is out of character for her. 

Back in January I had the idea that Nathan and I needed to go on vacation somewhere together - we haven't been anywhere alone since our honeymoon over 7 years ago.  We are trying to have fun as a couple and not just as parents. This year we celebrate our 15th dating anniversary so I decided to plan it for October since I would be done nursing Ryan by then and I do not like leaving my children overnight until they are 1. So, it was set - we were going to Vegas and renewing our vows with Elvis! That was 9 months ago - now we leave in 2 days! 

I don't feel that nervous yet - just have that nagging pit in my stomach reminding me that I am not at tough as I think I am. Nathan seems to be more worried and taking it harder than me! I know every day about 5:30 I am going to feel like I need to be carrying something on my hip and having someone asking me "why momma" over and over again - but I am not just a mom, so I need to have a break. It will make us better parents for it. 

So, the Wills are made, 5 typed pages of instructions for the kids (don't judge!), suitcases are almost all packed, and house is almost all clean (I cannot go on vacation with a dirty house and our moms are house and pet sitting at our house along with babysitting so we have to make it good and clean for them). 

I have to go finish packing and cleaning and loving on my babies now - but if you think of it - extra prayers for me, Nathan, Noah, Ryan and our moms this week - we will all need them :) I will be posting pictures and hopefully a blog while we are gone - have a great week everyone!

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