Tuesday, August 27, 2013

FAIRly great weekend!

The Fair as a child is AWESOME! The fair as a teenager is cool. Then there are those few awkward years where you don't know where you fit in. I was too big for the rides and games and too young for the crafts. Then came Noah and it is AWESOME all over again. We pulled on the road where Noah could see the Fair and from the backseat I heard "Oh. My. Gosh." :) He cracks me up!

Noah rode every ride he was tall enough for at least once and played 2 games that are thankfully kid-friendly and everyone is a winner every time! That is so nice when you have a little boy that wants to win the prize himself and we don't want to pay $30 for a blow-up shark. Noah wanted to ride the big kid rides - he is fearless! When I asked him his favorite part he said the "so giant slides" :) We finally left at 9:00  -an hour past Ryan's bedtime, but Noah was having SO much fun we didn't want to make him leave! Ryan didn't care much for anything - just wanted to be held and she liked the lights. But, next year we will be chasing her around everywhere! I need to start resting up for that now - a toddler at that age can be exhausting!

Sunday after church, Noah wanted to go to the water park - which closed last weekend for the season :/ So, we drug out his pool and water table and he was in heaven! We have two babies that love the water and are so content just playing in our little pool! (for now anyway).

We had an awesome little family weekend - blessed for the time we got together :)

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